Project Description


Derek Bond directs a company of Britain’s top theatrical talent in a new production of this timeless story of passion, penance, forgiveness and love.

Widely regarded as Shakespeare’s best comedy, Much Ado About Nothing is brought up-to-date in a vibrant, passionate and profoundly moving production full of laughter and music throughout.

Everyone knows Beatrice and Benedick are perfect for each other. Everyone, that is, except Beatrice and Benedick… they are content to outwit and belittle each other at every opportunity.

As friends and family gather for the wedding of Claudio and Hero, two simultaneous plots emerge. The first, a sinister attempt by Don John to destroy the impending marriage. The second, a hilarious attempt to bring Beatrice and Benedick together at last!

Under the golden sun.

A community bursting with colour, life & passion.

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